George Philips

Vertic in the Picture

The last few days a professional camera crew followed us around to shoot some spectacular footage of a variety of VERTIC safety systems. We visited numerous locations, each with a different custom build high quality solution.

Happy faces

We were excited to see that at every single location we visited the VERTIC safety systems were used extensively and that the users were enthusiastic about the quality and user-friendliness of the safety systems. The workmen were even prepared to star in our product-video showing the use of the VERTIC systems while working at heights.

Live in action

Stolt in Moerdijk, the Netherlands is one of the locations we used to shoot footage of workers using the ALTIRAIL safety system while cleaning tank trucks. The camera crew had to face up to the challenges of filming close to an industrial high-pressure jet, but that did not stop them from making a spectacular product video.

A+A trade fair

In October VERTIC will be present during the annual A+A safety fair with an all-new exhibition stand. This will be the venue for the premiere of our brand new film starring the VERTIC safety systems such as VERTIC ALTILISSE guardrails, ALTILINE safety line, ALTIRAIL safety rail and ALTIFIX Anchor points.