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Monica Lambrigger

Vertic Denmark

Vertic has been a developer and manufacturer of fall protection systems for over 15 years. Over the last couple of years Vertic experienced a significant growth resulting in multiple offices in different countries. Vertic has a large network of customers, dealers and distributors. Besides the current offices Vertic is always looking for new opportunities for growth to optimize customer service.

Dealer Fall Protection

Vertic cooperates closely with their customers, dealers and distributors, enhancing the network by combining the forces. Safework is one of those valued partners Vertic has been cooperating closely with. This recently resulted in a renewed collaboration. Vertic is proud that from now on Safework is exclusively representing Vertic as ‘Vertic Danmark’.


Safework is a Danish company with years of experience in installing safety provisions. Safework specializes in fall protection systems and Personal Protective Equipment. For both Safework and VERTIC this renewed collaboration is a huge step forward. With Vertic’s great variety of safety systems, Safework now has a complete range of safety systems  to create a safe solution in every single situation. This resulted in a great number of successful projects over the last couple years. Know more about Vertic Denmark? Click here for the Danish website.