Richard Philips

Safety at height: meetings and innovations

Being on the A+A Trade Fair from 27 to 30 October as exhibitor has been a wonderful experience for VERTIC. Rich in contacts and advise, VERTIC would like to thank you for all the interesting opinions that we have shared within 4 days. A special thanks to our partners for their support.

The Trade Fair for Health and Security at work was for VERTIC the opportunity to preview the 2016 new products which have known a huge success.  Small up-to-date for those who missed them:


All your technical data of your safety equipment available in one click. Scan the tag included in your system and access to all the information you need about it. Add, modify or remove systems, check the maintenance... your data are available on VERTIC app or online.


  • hand-free system: no manual work required for the rotation of the switch
  • multi-channel remote control: several switches can be managed with an unique remote
  • enables continuous movement in up to 4 directions

C) KONNECT : Self Retracting Lanyard

  • sharp edge compatible
  • integrated breaking for a smooth end stop
  • anti-ratcheting 
  • comfort ending blocking  
  • many possibilities of hanging with the central hole (on hips, back, single or twin use

D) New 2016 VERTILINE model

  • adjustable mobile intermediate supports
  • easy to install with a simple lower spring
  • runner easy to use:           
  1. handled with one hand
  2. connection at any point of the cable