Fall protection specialist

Safety at heights

VERTIC develops, manufactures and installs safety systems to enable people to work safely at heights. VERTIC's fall protection is highly valued around the world when it comes to safety, quality and user friendliness.

Experts in fall protection

We offer a wide range of products and services. From analysis to installation, VERTIC's safety systems and solutions offer the highest level of protection against falling when working at heights.


The employees of VERTIC are true professionals and with their job passion they stand at the basis of innovation and development. Safety requires perfectionism and commitment from everyone, every day.

Did you know...?

It is required to use fall protection when working at height if a fall of 2,5 meters or more may occur

VERTIC is a leading manufacturer of high technology safety systems with over 15 years of experience

All of VERTIC's products and systems meet or exceed the main safety standards and legal requirements as defined in euronorm EN 795:2012. This new euronorm sets an even higher standard; demanding more from manufacturers to create an even safer work environment for the users of safety systems.

VERTIC specialists are skilled, knowledgeable and always eager to provide you with customized advice